Accesible And Innovative Education for the New Normal – FAQs

by Babie Sarah Ladeza on July 18, 2020

Due to Covid 19 Pandemic, schools adapt to the new changes in teaching-learning modalities in line with the new normal. This modality is called “Flexible Learning”.

What is the teaching modality of MDC?

Varied modalities will be used to suit the different needs of our learners.

To ensure the security and safety of our students in the Basic Education Department and in accordance with the mandate of the Department of Education, no face-to-face interaction will be done this school year.

Pre-K to Grade 1- Individualized Online and Offline

One-on-one class which will last for twenty minutes is done twice a week, so teachers can see the progress of each learner and address their needs individually. Some days are allotted for the pupils to do offline activities such as letter tracing, coloring, etc.

Grade 2 to Grade 12- Simplified Online and Offline

Students are given days for virtual discussions, video lesson demonstrations, and downloading of learning materials. Offline activities include reflection and reaction papers, portfolios, projects, and assignments.

College and Graduate School- Blended Learning

Blended Learning combines face-to-face classes and home-based learning. Blended Learning will be used if the government permits the conduct of physical classes. In this modality, teachers and students meet once a week while the rest of the days are allotted for students to do other activities required by the teachers.

What is the difference between ONLINE and OFFLINE CLASSES?

Online classes use internet to conduct teaching-learning activities such as virtual discussions between teachers and students,  accessing the Learning Management System (LMS) to download learning materials, submit projects, and take assessments among others.

Offline classes allow students to do required assignments and projects without the use of the internet.  Lecture videos can be watched by students even offline. E-books can be downloaded from the LMS in the students’ laptops or even android phones, and can be accessed in offline mode.

What is a Learning Management System?

Learning Management System is an interactive data bank which stores learning materials that will be used by the teachers to facilitate learning. Within the LMS, e-books and other lesson contents may be downloaded. The LMS also enables teachers to upload lecture videos and conduct assessments. Furthermore, the LMS allows students to download learning materials and upload projects and assignments. What is virtual teaching?

What is virtual teaching?

Virtual teaching is an actual or live discussion wherein teachers and students meet in virtual meeting rooms. This makes the usual class discussion possible where students meet their teachers and classmates to exchange ideas. Teachers allot twenty to thirty minutes to conduct virtual classes twice a week per subject to make sure lessons are understood by learners and to answer possible questions of students.

What should be done if you have a weak or no internet connection?

The Learning Management System may be accessed through internet connection, however, one does not need permanent internet connection because students can download e-books, videos and learning materials need for the class. After which, they can access these materials anytime and anywhere. Students who have weak internet connection may go to MDC where they can connect to wifi hotspots to download the needed materials.

What should be done if a student has no gadget?

A student who has no gadget may approach his or her adviser to discuss possible solutions such as using a flash drive or printing the learning materials.

What are the fees involved and how to know the payables?

The fees to be paid by a student are written in a statement of account or passbook.  Students or parents may call the Finance Office through telephone number 508-8106 local 101 to inquire about their accounts.

Will there be an increase in fees considering the use of online and LMS?

Despite spending for the installation of a dedicated internet connection and procurement of LMS, MDC remains committed to make quality education affordable. Hence, there is NO increase in fees.

How may students/ parents pay for tuition and miscellaneous fees?

There are three ways to pay:

  1. Students/ Parents may go to MDC to pay at the Finance Office.
  2.  They may deposit to any Metrobank or PNB branches nationwide.
  3. They may send their payments thru any Palawan Pawnshop branches.

Is it necessary to buy school uniforms?

New students and transferees are required to buy at least one set of uniform that they can use when physical classes are allowed.

How do parents know more about MDC’s learning modalities?

There are two ways of knowing more about MDC’s learning modalities. First, they may watch a virtual orientation via Facebook , or via MDC website, . Second, parents may attend the face-to-face orientation in school. Schedules will be posted soon.

How are students assessed using this new modality?

Primarily, students are assessed in varied ways using the Learning Management System. In addition, teachers may use other forms of assessment schemes which will be discussed during the scheduled orientation.

Will there be an adjustment in tuition and miscellaneous fees?

There will be NO changes in the tuition and miscellaneous fees. Other items in the miscellaneous fees which will not be used will be realigned to pay for the upgrading of internet connection and to defray the cost of the needed infrastructures and LMS.

Is there a need to buy books?

Grade 4 to grade 12 students need NOT buy books. E-books can be downloaded in students’ laptops and android phones.

College students may download their learning materials using a flash drive. Teacher-prepared manuals are also available.

Should you have any questions not discussed above, please feel free to call us at telephone number 508-8106, or message us through our official Facebook page, or text us in these numbers 09335623317 or 09323031511.